Citizen Journalism Ireland: Published articles on different topics 2012 year. Revised 2020. 10 headings 1,200 words Tranche (A)

No. 1

14th April 2012

What changes? Inverse Debt rises while social conditions deteriorate rapidly for our most vulnerable.

Dublin 4 bandied across the media to imply elitism.

Truth is so many peope are in debt, more are fighting to keep their substandard flats in pre 63 Victorian/Georgian houses, while elites on the Wealth list keep their houses vacant or for occasional use. Why is the human race so stupid? We knew in 2008 that breakers were ahead but instead we have continued to let the debt compound to non payable reality and lost out on community building using the positives that already have been achieved.

We are not Greece, we are not Spain, We are unique, we are the Island of Ireland and we could do with taking some spunk and courage from Iceland, a country with a geopolitical enticement which allows it to differentiate itself to an over bureaucratic EU with its in built gravy train but well able to continue to hold out the carrot until they decide whether the EC route is their best option.

Cinderella refers to the “Sick state” of Baggot Street Community Hospital and the FAS Head Office – both are capable of creating centres of excellence that could employ people, be creative, have a vision and drive economic growth. The infrastructure exists. Philantropists exist. Where is the vision?

A positive for Dublin 4. At least Bank of Ireland (making it an anchor tenant to attract other companies to this location) have moved a lot of their staff to a “NAMA” building on Burlington Road ie Plaza 1, news has it that Sky have taken the other building.  It is now time for this area to take possession of its true urban identity. Baggotrath goes back to 17th century.

The Department of Finance need to review their policy of rates on businesses.  Reduce the rates so that Searsons (a pub of historic relevance) can be re-opened by Diageo or sub-let to a third party.  It is essential that businesses are given the chance to survive. The people in this village are trying hard but need support from Government.

I note Bewley’s now a haven for all again especially tourists is packed to the gills daily and they are going to look for a 50% cut in rent from some UK insurance company that owns the building. Vote with Feet time.

For those of us who recall the 1980’s recession and especially those forced to emigrate, it is important to realise that we left and the infrastructure was in chaos; thankfully it is much improved but must now be sustained until the economy improves again.  The 1980’s recession was such a dismal time. Some men and maybe women had a dream. It was the IFSC, the dream worked until some got greedy but we need to sort the good from the bad and move on now.

Michelle Clarke


No. 2

December 20th, 2012

Think Creatively and laterally. Tap Corporate Social Responsibilities in the Corporates

by Michelle Clarke (Forster) – Education


It may sound crazy but if SUSI centralised is in bureaucratic chaos and can’t pay students, surely some entity like Google, Starbucks, the banks, can provide a loan to SUSI – after all the money has to be paid to the students in the New Year. We need Corporate Social Responsibility in Ireland and let them start with ensuring our students have no worries for the Christmas.

Yesterday, it was said one of these large entities received £1 billion in Ireland but only paid £3m in tax. Something similar happened in the UK with Starbucks and they were humbled to the degree that they gave the Robin Hood account a large payment. Let them do something similar in Ireland and start with SUSI.

Students deserve support – they are the future of this country


I love poetry.

 by True PoetThu Dec 20, 2012 16:09

The Germans prefer Science.
The Irish prefer Art.
You cannot lift a rocket off the ground by writing poems



No. 3

December 23rd, 2012

Ghost estates or displaced by motorways

  Visit to Co. Meath.

Decades waiting for a motorway and now it exists and what was once an interesting journey is now just concrete and road bypassing all the villages. They call this progress.

Decided to vere off at Dunshaughlin for a coffee and this the Sunday of Christmas Eve there was no place to sit and chat a while.

What we did notice was the sign for Killeen Castle and nostalgia brought us there. This was once the home of Lord Fingal but through the decades it has passed into the ownership of different wealthy people but each time it managed to surpass their capacity to spend on it. We approached it in style but it looked quite vacant of people and cars. We took a chance and the door opened. We asked if we could take in our my companion dog and while they said no at first, they relented (there is some good common sense left in Ireland) and we went in and had a most pleasant interlude with coffee and gateau with a beautiful hearth fire burning in a central space. The view towards Warrenstown College ensured us that some of the old landscape of the once Royal County remained intact. We don’t know if this is another of these “Namatised” demesnes but if you are looking for a place to visit or a game of golf visit Killeen Castle, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath and support business where possible. This is supposed to be Ireland’s fastest growing Golf Club with full membership at £2,000 (someone tells me it was £20,000) and under 30’s £1,000. There is no joining fee.

We were surprised by the number of apartments built on what was once the Phoenix Park race course and those near Kilmainham. Such lifelessness exists – one can sense the doom and gloom that these casualties of the tiger have created. Surely, Dublin City Council, housing associations, or property funds can buy these often vacant properties and create a low priced rental market which will suit social housing which there must be a demand for by now since the public private partnerships failed for O’Devaney Gardens.

Okay we hear the message entitlements must be cut. We know that those on rental supplements over the past 5 years have had to ask their landlords to make reductions to bring them in line with the amounts social housing is prepared to pay but shortly this market will change and rents will start to rise and it is people in social housing or in receipt of rent supplement who will be the first to suffer. ‘Pricing’ (a previous comment on citizen journalism site) – you know what this is going to be about. We need to think ahead and why not now for 2013 before Bank of Ireland & other banks dictate foreclosures with near to immediate effect to those over leveraged and those in buy-to-lets that who bought into the idea of being a private landlord gaining rental income at a profit (which now is not possible).  Now they have to cope with a vacancy or a reduced rent but worst of all with negative equity.

Happy Christmas : Austerity is too severe. There must be another way. Economic growth is generated through employment and intentional savings in public expenditure ie cutting cloth according to measure

A new wealth awaits.


 by Ex Commie. Sun Dec 23, 2012 18:49

Capitalism always recovers.
Communism is dead.

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