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Source: Traumatic Brain Injury | Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library

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Breast Cancer operation: Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy to zap any random cancer (September 2017 onwards …)

I have written extensively on my experience and luck as a result of being called for a Mammogram and thanks to the fact that my partner KT ensured I attended.  If it had been a cervical cancer check, I would be like so many others and just bin it and take the risk.  If you read the other posting you will know that I am one of those very fortunate people, who had no symptoms (maybe a little fatigue) who attended BreastCheck Merrion and the story continues today with the ending unknown.

I must also add that I am a woman in her fifties who still has VHI health cover, not because I pay for it but because my mother continued to pay for it.  My health history is comprehensive and you will find the details in this link which includes my health history since I sustained a traumatic brain injury in 1993: BreastCheck – an appointment: Diagnosis cancer August 2017. No signs prior to visit.

Health Insurance means you have access to private medicine.  It is worth noting that many parents and even grandparents decide to keep their grown children/grandchildren on their healthcare plan.  My experience is that often when a person enters hospital they do not use their private insurance card.  This needs to be addressed by the HSE and claims in arrears should be targeted as a means of funding the HSE which is in chaos as a result of bureaucracy as distinct from action.  So the key is you attend the relevant consultants and their office give you a Code which dictates what and what is not covered for the process of treatment.  You meet with consultants, you pay their fee and thereafter your plan covers your treatment or you hope it does.  Enter fear, stress, nerves what happens if the VHI won’t cover certain treatments and you are not in a position to pay.

20th September 2017

I met with Professor Crown Oncologist at St Vincent’s University Hospital. My partner KT attended and Professor Crown outlined clearly what he proposed.  He took account of my psychiatric medications, especially the lithium, I gave him my health history Nietzche ‘He who has the why to live can bear almost any how’ co Morbidities: is there a better way? both by email and hard copy.  I knew enough to say that I would trust his judgment aware that a team had discussed my case.   On the funny side just to let you know why my partner often refers to me as Clouseau of Pink Panther origin because of my ability to virtually wipe the slate clean on a daily basis (due to traumatic brain injury 1993).  KT does all the talking and whenever we get into a waiting room he starts on about sport and before long the chat is vibrant.  We met this man in the waiting room and the chat started.  As usual I was quiet, listening and all of a sudden the man starting talking about his stay in the hospital and looking out at Elm Park golf club (and so few people playing golf).  All of a sudden I perked up and said – you have stayed in this hospital, what is it like, what is the food like?  KT looked at me and said … what are you talking about you stayed in the hospital a few weeks ago, so you know.  A laugh.

Professor Crown mentioned the side effects and the possible loss of hair and told us that they would be in contact in the near future.  We confirmed that I had an appointment with Professor Armstrong, Radiology for the following week.  We met with the secretary to outline details of VHI, pay fee for appointment and other incidentals like signing the consent form.  The cold cap is an option so that you don’t lose all your hair but Professor Crown explained that before the treatment commenced there would be an education class which is an excellent idea so that all reservations can be discussed with people who understand.  The Roches (Positive Appearance Centre Wig and Breast Care Specialists est 1942) booklet was there and what an excellent idea because it helps remove the awful fear of not knowing.

Off script now because I am looking at a piece of paper with notes but I seem to have them all muddled.  It appears that when I attended Professor Crown I had a severe head cold and bronchial cough.  I am not sure if it was that week or the week before that I arranged to have the flu jab.  I was out of sorts and exhaustion meant I was sleeping extra hours and not following my stringent routine which in turn means I get a little confused.  I may have the dates wrong but I included what Professor Armstrong said on the same sheet of paper although my appointment with him was 27th September 2017.

27th September 2017

Appointment with Professor Armstrong at St Vincent’s Private hospital.  Again my partner KT was with me while Professor Armstrong outlined his plan for radiotherapy.  I am to have 17 or 19 session, 4 which will directly target where the cancer cells were located in my left breast.  He explained that there would be a 5% loss of lung and that my ribs on the left breast side will be “delicate”.  He explained that I will come for a ‘mock up’ where dye will identify different areas in the body.  When this is captured on camera or xrays, the radiologist and the team make the decisions.  There is a Plan.  I will be informed in due course as to what to do.

Pink Panther day:  11th October and inner panic, nerves, this is my third serious meeting, maybe even my education about treatment day and all I has was a confirm notice on KT’s mobile phone instructing me to be at SVUH Outpatients Suite 3.  I have my fancy pink file but nowhere could I find a letter telling to be at the hospital.  I kept asking KT about the appointment and he knew it was anxiety state time and did what had to be done and told me to stop worrying, everything was okay.  Agitated as always, KT got me more focused saying if I wanted he would come with me to St Vincent’s but I said No.  KT and Freddie our dog walked me down Clyde Road to the bus on Merrion Road and therein was a day of Random Acts of Kindness and Confusion.  The bus driver was just pulling away from the bus stop and he saw me and opened the doors.  I am still worrying about something not quite right on the text but thankfully I had KT copy it to my mobile phone (not smart but one for bewildered).  I arrived at Professor Crown’s office and his secretary looked at the phone and said no you are in the wrong place, you need to be at the Public hospital.  Now I am in panic.  The car park is full and somehow I am on bicycle path not the pavement on the other side making my way to the Public hospital.  I got there.  I got to the Public hospital called Suite 3 also!  It was time to register.  The woman found my details but my address was incorrect.  When she asked me my address I could not remember.  It took me at least 4 times to get it right and in the end I sat down got a piece of paper and wrote it out (I am living at the same address for 15 years now).  Panic not over.  She tells me I am to meet with Professor Armstrong.  I didn’t say anything but I was a little confused thinking, quite rightly, that I had met Professor Armstrong last week.  Then this tall man called out my name and sheer panic I could not remember what Professor Armstrong looked like.  Thankfully the doctor, who introduced himself by his name, had a most pleasing and caring manner.  His office, the same as in the private hospital, was clinical.  I had my pink file, my purple file, I must be in control of hoarding the details because KT is not there to watch out for me.  The doctor took out my file.  He asked me for my health history – more chaos for me I didn’t bring a hard copy with me this time.  I said I had given it to Professor Armstrong last week; (I knew I had given hard copies to Professor Crown and to BreastCheck and Mr Gerraghty).  That was it….I was not supposed to be there.  Clarification was sorted out and I said goodbye to a very nice doctor in the public health arena.


Personal view about charities

Too many, not regulated, HSE delegates funds too often to charities which results in bureaucracy becoming more entrenched.

However, this charity I will support because I trust in Professor Crown abilities

What Do We Do? | CCRT – Cancer Clinical Research Trust

The Cancer Clinical Research Trust is a registered charity which supports a … and to contribute to the world-wide war on cancer. John-Crown. Prof. John Crown …





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BreastCheck – an appointment: Diagnosis cancer August 2017. No signs prior to visit.

Source: BreastCheck – an appointment: Diagnosis cancer August 2017. No signs prior to visit.

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All the president’s pets: Putin household celebrates new arrival (VIDEOS)

The president of Turkmenistan has presented Vladimir Putin with a belated birthday gift following their summit Wednesday – a home-bred Turkmen shepherd dog.

Source: All the president’s pets: Putin household celebrates new arrival (VIDEOS)

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Morning Star :: ‘Social housing needs defending as much as we defend the NHS’ | The People’s Daily

PAUL SNG speaks to the Star about his new film Dispossession: the Great Social Housing Swindle

Source: Morning Star :: ‘Social housing needs defending as much as we defend the NHS’ | The People’s Daily

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Elderly Who Have Trouble Identifying Odors Face Risk Of Dementia

A long-term study of nearly 3,000 adults, aged 57 to 85, found that those who could not identify at least four out of five common odors were more than twice as likely as those with a normal sense o…

Source: Elderly Who Have Trouble Identifying Odors Face Risk Of Dementia

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Wasted Lives: The Worldwide Tragedy Of Youth Suicide – OpEd

The pressures of modern life are colossal; for young people — those under 25 years of age — they are perhaps greater than at any other time. Competition in virtually every aspect of contemporary li…

Source: Wasted Lives: The Worldwide Tragedy Of Youth Suicide – OpEd

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