2009 Moyross, Limerick City receives funds from Ireland Funds. Vacant properties et al

I am delighted with the funding for Moyross in Limerick, from the philanthropy Ireland Funds https://www.theirelandfunds.org/grantees?field=Location…Limerick.  I notice from the website the high level of dereliction which is soul destroying for people living in the environs.
Our cities ought to learn or else we will return to the Dublin of the 1980’s, with abandoned properties, vacant businesses, shopping centres with more than 50% properties with to let signs.  Also, we know what ‘Rent Allowance’ the State will pay to the private sector for the provision social housing.  Let us make sure that estate agents link sufficiently to ensure BER certificates are granted and houses, flats, accommodation is maintained at a standard.  Estate agents reaped massive benefits here during the good times.  Now, it is time for them to earn their commission and management fees.
NAMA AND NTMA is where the Government has chosen to ‘lay it’s hat’.  If this is so, we need to fast start impacting on supply and demand and coming up with values per square metre, to buy, to let, to sell or else, we will be like advertisements to the elderly in Florida, with properties at 50% discount.
Perhaps, the Moyross people could operate a similar photography project, and contribute the details on social media so that we are alert to opportunities.   Perhaps you can speak to the people, who are likely to act as Mentors and inspire the locals to show, how not to let NAMA/NTMA proceed.  Seek out ‘Urban Dereliction’  – Dublin, is under the regional column, and category is Irish Social Forum.
Today, I visited the shopping centre in Rathmines.  The warning signs are there.  There are either cheap items sold as motivators….the anchor store is Dunnes Stores, and there are at least 7 properties to let……This is not good in an area that is highly populated.  We need to lower the commercial rents, I would think!  It is better to have premises operating than lying vacant.  It is bad for morale too.
I decided to take the taxi home as I live locally.  The taxi driver re-confirmed what I thought.  Business is very bad and has been for nearly 2 years.  I said about the number of premises to let in the Rathmines Shopping centre and he suggested if I thought Rathmines shopping centre was bad to look at the Business Parks (Enterprise Ireland and IDA), and in particular down at the East Wall.  He said computer related industries were closing by the day.
Like a train out of control…..we the people of Ireland must put on the breaks….so let’s start making things integrate and work.
NAMA/NTMA  I enclose this quote.  We need to hold to the forefront of our minds that these “Vehicles” are not to become Gravy Trains for the legal professions, as has happened in the case of the Tribunals. 

Quotation C.S. Lewis, written 1940’s
‘I live in a managerial age, in the world of administration’.  The greatest evil is now done in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that
Dickens loved to paint…
…it is conceived and ordered…in clean carpeted, warmed and well lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut finger nails and smooth shaven cheeks, who do not raise their voice. 
Hence naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like bureaucracy of a Police State or the offices of a thoroughly nasty business concern’