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The Supervet

The show follows Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and the team at Fitzpatrick Referrals sharing with the world the highs and lows of a working veterinary practice Source: The Supervet

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Broca’s (Expressive) Aphasia – National Aphasia Association. Traumatic brain injury: this is why I use Twitter, computer, email. Phone is nearly impossible for communication.  You rely on someone else’s spoken word to prompt you to give a reply.  Scrambling to make sense words come to mind & the visual is the plough and the stars; the words are not and cannot be sequenced just clutched at in the hope that the other person will make sense of what you are trying to say.

Individuals with Broca’s aphasia have trouble speaking fluently but their comprehension can be relatively preserved. This type of aphasia is also known as non-fluent or expressive aphasia. Source: Broca’s (Expressive) Aphasia – National Aphasia Association

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