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Uncovering Grangegorman Histories for Culture Night 2020

Listen to the little-known story of the recovery and restoration of the records from the hospitals associated with the Grangegorman site. These records document the lives of the people and the practices employed there from 1814 onwards. Source: Uncovering Grangegorman … Continue reading

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Psychiatric trauma: the hidden toll of the Covid-19 Pandemic published in the Euronews. The link below introduces us to Psychiatry and the team of people who provide services for people with psychiatric, mental health, addiction in France. We in Ireland need to follow a similar model. Mental health in Ireland is the “Cinderella” … our budget allocation is far below allocations for other health areas and for psychiatric services in other EU countries.

…………..And Why I believe Royal City of Dublin hospital (Baggot Street hospital, Upper Baggot Street and Haddington Road) should become a medical centre of excellence, for mental health and especially post COVID-19 and the trauma caused which cannot be measured … Continue reading

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