Citizen Journalism Ireland: Published articles on different topics 2009 year. Revised 2020. 10 headings 5300 words

5th June 2009

Watched the programme on John Carthy, “murdered” at Abbeylara.  The Barr Tribunal I ask the question “Have we seriously advanced our knowledge about neuro-psychiatry?

Mental illness is very real to our society.  Asylums, the word dates back a century or more and this we share as a common history with our European neighbours.  There was Bedlam, in London, where people paid to look at the insane and that is 19th / 20th century.  The Horizon Europe – the next research and innovation framework Horizon Europe – the next research and innovation framework ..  one of the three pillars has provided funds for research at our universities to do with mental illness. I was a research participant to the Trinity Horizon programme (I stand in debt to this research).  Tomorrow, is the big question.  Who do you think you will vote for?  I will vote for the person I think will be making provisions for people with mental health problems, and I hope that they will align Ireland to practices in Europe and America, who are leaps and bounds ahead of Ireland. 

I believe that we have categorised illnesses far too precisely.  The scope should be broad and include Neurology, Psychiatry, Addictions, OCD’s with a form of ‘Dr. Patch Adams approach’ using an undertilised hospital.  I have in mind that beautiful building of history, that is much neglected in Baggot Street, that stands resplendid.  It could be run similar to the Charlemont Clinic (now demolished) but with a shared rehabilitative programme for people who have to recover………we need a multi-disciplinary public system, along the lines of the Priory in England…….the hospital could be under the auspices of the Joint Trinity and UCD initiative to be funded by philantrophy for INNOVATION.  Lifelong illness is costly to the State…….there are many people bipolar who are in professions (in fact my grandfather’s nephew rose to the High Court in England) but circumstances and money allow them the opportunity to control their illnesses or addictions within boundaries and support groups.

In the US – Detroit…….they have started a programme called Fresh Start.  They targeted women prostitutes in a Sting operation, arrested them, processed them, put them before a Judge who gave them an option of prison or a two year programme dealing with group therapy and anger/rage management as a key component.  Ireland needs to drop the stigma, the judgment, the stitch and bitch attitude……We need a more integrated shared knowledge approach.  Who, of the representatives tomorrow will provide for this much under-invested in group of our population.  We need a diversity….I think if you ask the people who know in academia, say Trinity, they will say that provision for people with disabilities has been of benefit overall.

One more point, the well known lecturer in Oxford University, spoke words of wisdom, that even today would be benefit in the maze of bureaucracy we must deal with – a hostile bureaucracy, if like me with ABI, Anxiety, Bipolar involving intellectual deficits that hamper me.  A consultant from the Central Mental hospital said that many people who leave are processed through the legal system again and again so often for minor crimes for example petty theft, then they fall into homelessness due to deficits…They are not properly acknowledged by mental health representatives in ireland.  I say what a waste.

We urgently to need to align our thinking and action and take account of Restorative Justice.
Michelle Clarke
Quotation C.S. Lewis, written 1940’s
‘I live in a managerial age, in the world of administration. 
The greatest evil is now done in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint…
…it is conceived and ordered…in clean carpeted, warmed and well lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut finger nails and smooth shaven
cheeks, who do not raise their voice. 
 Hence naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like bureaucracy of a Police State or the offices of a thoroughly nasty business concern’

No. 2

August 2009

World War II comment re the phosphate mines in Co. Clare

History ought to tell us that we must pay heed to our ‘wealth’ and that is the wealth contained in our land and seas.

This is about the ‘dream’ that same dream that swept the Irish people in the 1980’s to hunt for Gold and Oil on our shores.

Atlantic resources was in the news back then, in fact people who scarely knew anything about dealing on the Stock Exchange bought into the dream and bought shares.

Tony O’Reilly, as he was known then, was the driver of market forces. The outcome for Atlantic was: …. well we are still waiting!

Did we learn anything? Well, we have learnt that in Norway the Government secured a deal with the oil companies that would reflect fair payment for the people of Norway as a priority.

This is not the case in Ireland. We need to review the oil related deal made in the days of Ray Burke. The law evolves and often retreats. Try looking at Comyn v. the AG 1950 (Sean McBride lead counsel assisted by Brendan East) in the hope of a fairer package especially with the latest find by a company from the UK.  We are talking about the Corrib Shell

Lisbon. We need not hang our heads too low. Ireland did foresake her ‘seas’ to the beaches’ for entry to the EU in 1973.

Michelle Clarke


No 3
14th July 2009

4th August 08, an article by Steven Carroll in the Irish Times, caught my attention, suffice to retain it.  I found it today and I am wondering is the ‘Legal Museum plan for Kilmainhan Courthouse waived’?  I have heard nothing further on it.  I googled it in and found this Irish Architect, buildings etc site.

The Big R* is here but also never more is the time more viable than to revive the concept of community involvement and where better than in areas like Dublin 4.  I was in the D4 hotel, formerly Juries yesterday and I must commend Sean Dunne and others for their attempt to meet consumer demands rather than buckle under the planning board decisions.  People are there to play chess, to drink, to dance, for competitions and you can even hire our a cinema for as many as 18 guests and in comfort.  Also on Burlington Road, Bernard McNamara’s building has gone from start to near finish in a really short space of time.  Again fair dues.  A company in liquidation not only is about casualties, the workers, the debtors….It is all about trying to stand TALL when things are bad in the Economy.  Then we can make it through with some hope.

If Kilmainham can plan for a Legal Museum Courthouse: this would have a huge contribution to legal history especially since the founding of the State – The Republic.

Well, I suggest Baggot Street ought to focus on a Centre for Holistic Psychological, Neurological, Addiction, primary care location, state of the arc health care facility funded by phliantropists with acknowledgement to the medical people who once made this hospital stand proud.  Now, it is like a ‘fallen being’ with no esteem or glory.    This would be part of the Baggot Street Revival……This hospital must have its 1916 history too.  Then there was Parsons bookshop.

J’espere….yes I hope…..

Michelle Clarke

No 4
7th July 2009

I am delighted with the funding for Moyross in Limerick, from the philantropist Ireland Funds……the website is most informative.

I notice the high level of dereliction which is soul destroying for people living in the environs.

Our Cities ought to learn …… or else we will return to the Dublin of the 1980’s, with abandoned properties, vacant businesses, shopping centres with more than 50% properties with To Let signs.  Also, we know what ‘Rent Allowance’ the State will pay for private sector to pay social housing.  Let us make sure that estate agents link sufficiently to ensure BER certificates are granted and houses, flats, accommodation is maintained at a standard.  Estate agents reaped massive benefits here during the good times.  Now, it is time for them to earn their commission and management fees.

NAMA AND NTMA is where the Government has chosen to ‘lay it’s hat’.  If this is so, we need to fast start impacting on supply and demand and coming up with values per square metre, to buy, to let, to sell or else, we will be like advertisements tell us what happened to the elderly in Florida, with properties at 50% discount.

There is an interesting citizen journalism site where keen photographers have consciousentiously sought out the urban dereliction and other people have written in scripts. 

Perhaps, the Moyross people could operate a similar photography project.  It is time to speak to the people, who are likely to act as Mentors and inspire the locals to show, how not to let NAMA/NTMA proceed.

Seek out ‘Urban Dereliction’  – Dublin is under the regional column, and category is Irish Social Forum.

Today, I visited the shopping centre in Rathmines.  The warning signs are there.  There are either cheap items sold as motivators to get people to buy their products….the anchor store is Dunnes Stores, and there are at least 7 properties to be let……This is not good in an area that is highly populated.  We need to lower the rents, I would think!  It is better to have premises operating than lying vacant.  It is bad for morale too.

I decided to take the taxi home as I live local.  The taxi driver re-confirmed what I thought.  Business is very bad and has been for nearly 2 years.  I said about the number of premises to let in the Rathmines Shopping centre and he suggested I look to the incentivised Business Parks (Enterprise Ireland and IDA), and in particular down at the East Wall.  He said computer related industries were closing by the day.

Like a train out of control…..we the people of Ireland must put on the brakes….so let’s start making things integrate and work.

NAMA/NTMA  I enclose this quote.  We need to hold to the forefront of our minds that these Vehicles are not to become Gravy Trains for the legal professions, as has happened in the case of the Tribunals.

Michelle Clarke


No. 5

19th July 2009

Urban dereliction: Excellent combination of photos

(Photos no longer available)

To the people who produced the photos for this citizen journalism site – have you noticed the decline in our urban space? The ‘For Sale’ signs, the ‘To let’, the shopping centres like Rathmines with many vacant shops. It will only get worse. It will be like England in the early 90’s with vacant premises dotted all over the place and then a myriad of charity shops will opt to take the locations, at no doubt reduced rents, if any.

What can we do? We know the potential, we have seen it in Ireland. Ireland, the new State, post the 1916 Revolution saw many of its mansions, tower houses, castles, burned to the ground and if not, become un-inhabited. For those who remained in the houses, often they lived spartan lives, occupying only the room space necessary.

This we need to avoid. We the people can intervene, we can volunteer information, views, and experience. An Bord Snip has made its recommendations and we the people have a right to agree or disagree. The internet is here. We can use it. In fact, we can make our statement that the proposed cut to Broadband funds put forward by the report, be discarded and promote high speed broadband throughout ireland. This allows our aspiration of moving forward as the Knowledge Economy.

NAMA/NTMA, I believe have taken space in the Treasury Holdings building in Dublin 2. Let us ask NAMA/NTMA to be participative in the sustainable development and refurbishment of property in the Dublin 4, Dublin 6, areas. We have ribbon development throughout Ireland and we should note the cost of same is highly expensive. Urban living, well promoted provides the cheaper altnerative. The time is now ideal with the necessity of the BER certification to upgrade our stock of houses to maximum standards in line with a ‘Greener’ environment.

Most people of a certain age group will be aware of the Gallagher family and their involvement in housing and development. I worked for Seamus Gallagher, son of Mr. James Gallagher, in the 1980’s – yes at a time of great unemployment, companies going into liquidation, yes it was the beginning of times getting tough. Governments changed. Landbanks that ought to have received planning permissions were left in futility. Mr. James, as he was known to staff, was a TD. In fact, he had established BASTA locks in Tubercurry, Co. Sligo. This was another time but fear not developers then, as now, were involved in Politics. The name that will remain on the lips through the decades is former Taoiseach, Mr. Charles J. Haughey.

I note, that Abbey, one of the publicly quoted companies associated with the Gallaghers, has been forced to write down the value of its land bank by Euros 58 m. Abbey is in fact the largest housebuilder on the Irish Stock Exchange. This is where experience may count. Ahead of NAMA/NTMA, Abbey have taken account of the market forces that have forced them to reduce house values by 50% in some areas, and they have moved ahead to value the land at the appropriate discount value. This leaves them free to engage in a root and branch exercise of their current workload and to look to the future. Being a publicly quoted company, it means they have also engaged in an upfront way with their shareholders. We must always remember that in public companies, the shareholders can play an important part in the ethos of the company. They speak now of corporate, ethical and social responsibility and of course a form of corporate governance attaches to this. Vision is so important especially in this time of severe Recession. (The IFSC was born out of the 1980’s recession).

Mr. Soden, speaking about NAMA some time ago stressed the importance at arriving at a value per square meter of property per each city. It looks as if Abbey have paved the way and it is worth noting that they have a broad spectrum over time, here in Ireland and in England, to build up a plan of action for recessionary periods.

Again I return to our Georgian Squares. I note an article by Ray Managh in the Irish Independent. It is about an artist who is in a battle about a ‘Georgian’ 4th floor over basement home in Middle Abbey Street. It has a Georgian doorway and albeit not as ornate as those found in Fitzwillian Square, Merrion Square, Henrietta Street, it is rather splendid. The premises has become an artists studio. A man has lived in the house for 20 years and is in battle with Dublin City Council regarding the ownership of the building. Dublin City Council claim to be the owners. Whoever owns it, it is representative of the unacceptable degree of dereliction so many of these houses are permitted to descend to. We need to stop this carnage. To have dereliction scattered throughout our urban spaces only gives false history. (I refer to the Germans while travelling along the Quays of the Liffey in the 1970’s who said they had not realised that Dublin was so badly bombed during the 2nd World War.

No matter what corruption has occurred, there was also Vision. Let us not lose sight of far we have come. Let us take care of our people and let us be inclusive. Regarding the house in Middle Abbey Street – July 23rd is the date of the Court hearing. Dublin City Council will seek a court injunction restraining the named person from trespassing in the building where, he is supposed to have tenancy in the basement. Watch and Wait. Ireland has the potential to witness many evicitions or ejectments. We have access to knowledge, we must use it wisely.


Quotation randomly chosen from The Little Book of Rebels

Spike Milligan (born 1918) British humourist, animal rights activist’
‘I am a hero with coward’s legs’


No. 6

22nd July 2009

Rocky, the handsome sniffer dog with the Beret:  Where are you?

Ronan and all contributors to citizen journalism site.

Rocky came to mind as I read through the American Scientist magazine.

The title ‘Cloned dogs sniff our contraband in South Korea’ immediately caught my attention and Rocky and the Beret posting from Ronan back in 2007 could be found through the search button.

I wonder how is Rocky these days.?Does he visit the prison to sniff out illegal substances or perhaps he is still in hiding trying to avoid a ‘hit’?

The Big Recession preaches doom these days but let us bear in mind we earn a considerable sum for exporting trained canines to sniff out contraband (even music discs…tobacco…drugs) in countries like Hong Kong, China and possibly South Korea. If this is so, cloning would destroy our market of expertise in training dogs.

‘There are six cloned Labrador retrievers now using their olfactory prowess to help officials find drugs and explosives at airports, and harbours across South Korea’.

Highly original the 6 dogs share the same name: Toppy which combines “tomorrow and puppy” – these are the world’s first cloned puppy dogs.

The parent dog for drug-detection as a specialty came from Canada and had been trained for 16 months.

As few as 10% of dogs born have this potential.

Also Germany have been involved in cloning a 5 German Shepherds from Trakr (the 9/11 hero).

Dogs ought to be held in more esteem in our society. They can be healers, guides, protectors of the vulnerable, snoopers, sniffers, friends, and have a long history.

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-80) French Writer and Philosopher
‘When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die’

This is profound if one listens to media about the swine flu……who suffers most?


No. 7

5th August 2009

For the attention of Shane Phelan (Independent newspaper)

Excellent article about Elderly patients abused in nursing homes scandal……never more do we need to be vigilant to how a country treats its vulnerable people, and at a time of such ‘financial’ despair!

I try to live a life with TBI and associated multimorbidities in an independent living choice situation but am lucky to have a partner who watches out for me.  He has established the social relations in Dublin 4, who are aware of the cues, I fail to take up on.

I am concerned about a man, aged 30, who left a CARE HOME FOR PEOPLE WITH ABI, in Bantry….I have no time….but it is recent enough.  I heard nothing to say he was found.  He left the home in Bantry, without funds….and as far as I know, it was reported for a few days but then……Do you know?  There are many vulnerable young people too.

Are you aware that the Cheshire Home in Dublin 4 near Mount Street is deemed inadequate (safety requirements) and the people, many in wheelchairs have to find new accommodation?  I just spoke to a woman, who has enough problems, other than to face looking for accommodation to suit her needs, in line with an acquired neurological condition.

Michelle Clarke


No. 8

11th August 2009

Eviction, Ejectments, Negative Equity……what can we the people do?


It is August 2009…since the last posting in 2008, so many crises have challenged the people in Ireland. The assaults are relentless but at least we are not like Taiwan and swamped by the effect of climate change…..we can do so little for those poor people in Taiwan today and their unwarranted personal hardships.

In Ireland, we face crises but are there solutions? If so what are they? Can we have a more positive approach in media coverage? We can try.

A good writer, presenter and experienced lawyer, is Vincent Browne. April 5th 2009, Vincent Browne wrote an interesting article in the Sunday Business post. No doubt, this can be accessed but there are a few points that bear relevance to the previous postings on this site.

Quite rightly, the title highlighted that the ‘Budget will not address fundamental inequalities’. We must at all times of crises exercise common sense and we can all now via the media make our contributions and suggestions.

He states that Ireland still remains a rich country that has had a contraction in the economy of 12% between this year and last year. He goes on to say that if the euros38,000 comes back to euros32,000 by next year, we will still be richer than Australia, Japan, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and very much richer than Cyprus and other countries.

The problem with Ireland rests with the inequality in the distribution of income. He goes on to say that 6% of our population receives 28% of all income i.e. according to the Revenue Commissioners and 50% of the population only receives 17%.

What does this say? What can we do to make changes to the attitudes of people so that we can alter the unfair taxation system i.e. unfair to the majority of people and in particularly those who are vulnerable.

What about motivation? How do we generate money in the Island of Ireland to create the balance sheet that is most equitable? We need those who have the special gift of being Wealth Creators because without them our people would stagnate. We only need to look to human psychology to work this out. Equally, we can look to psychology to see how we can make those wealth creators more giving. The capacity to give exists otherwise we would not have philantropists like Chuck Feeney, Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates etc…….notice the absence of women!

Some say that ‘Inequality is essential’ for a ‘successful’ economy. There must be some truth in this because all one has to do is look to say Marks and Spencer marketing in the last number of months to see ‘the lateral creative thought function in full swing. M and S as a brand is celebrating its 150th anniversary and I heard on the tannoy that there is an exhibition being held in England to outline their history. They have moved towards social and ethical responsibility just note their in-store advertising of cotton tops from Fairtrade; their food labelled ‘healthy’; and so on.

We can all contribute to making our economy improve and that includes those wealth creators who have funds overseas. Let them invest in our country and as NAMA reduces the prices of the toxic property they have on their books, let these people imbibe some nationalistic vervour and re-invest and re-invigorate the Celtic Nightmare…….It was done before, We had the Congested District Boards in the 1880’s; these became the Land Commission after independence and we re-distributed the land. It is said on wikipedia that some sterling pounds 5,000,000 was given by the English govt at that time. Now we all have access to our history…….

Michelle Clarke


No. 9

21st  August 2009


Rule of Law….Magna Carta;

Niall Harnett is released from prison. While looking up the postings on Citizen Journalism Ireland site I found this most interesting and informative site

The plain people of Ireland would be strongly advised to consult these 4 pages about the Restoration of Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury as a means of settling all causes, civil, criminal and Fiscal.

The paper was written by K. d’Oudney 2008 but the message is beyond time…


‘Restoration of Trial by Jury is of fundamental importance because Trial by Jury remains the sole (peaceful) means of citizens upholding for themselves, their rights, justice, liberty and ownership of property, in the face of threats from any quarter to those definitive civilised norms.

Hence Thomas Jefferson’s “Anchor”

‘I consider Trial by Jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of the Constitution” US Government – Declaration of Independence’

Clear, Visionary, resounding words, I believe.

Another resounding statement reads as follows: ‘Enforcement of Injustice by Government personnel is an illegal punishable Act (cf The Nuremberg Precedent)’.

The people of Ireland need to engage with their Interpretation of the Rule of Law, gain an understanding of Magna Carta, the foundation of the constitutional approach to democracy and most importantly question the Separation of Powers and ensure that people feel confident that a proper Separation of Powers exists between the Presidential role, the Executive Role, the Judicial role. My understanding is that there ought to be no vested interests or biases to attain the best outcome. I would question politicians in prominent positions married to members of the juduciary (acting).

Another point strongly put forward is apt to the Irish people presently: ‘The execution of an injustice is a criminal offence’. Individually, as people of Ireland we need to examine this thoroughly. They attribute it to a ‘Crime against Humanity’.

The last point, I will cite and leave it to others to give their views is under the heading Trial by Jury is inimitable.

‘Citizen-Juries educated and instructed to judge on the justice of the law and its enforcement, can be relied upon to protect people from the State, when the state breaches correct behaviour in attempting to enforce injustices. It is for this reason that those who stand to gain money and/or power from tyranny by the imposition of unjust ‘laws’, regard the genuine Trial by Jury as an obstacle to be undermined and destroyed’

NAMA/NTMA is our very real crisis in Ireland. We need to be alert to our rights as citizens.

Banana Republic is being bandied about in the media but it is interesting to read the US news with no less than Warren Buffett warning the US people to engage with Economic crisis that exists there to avoid falling into that category of ‘Banana Republic’.”

Again…the web address is


No. 10

22nd August 2009


Draft Mental Capacity Bill / Personal Guardian Bill: 

Some serious thought is required before enactment

Interest link: The Magna Carta to Democracy today and the trial by Jury

There is a contract known as a Swiss Cheese contract. Simply it means like Swiss Cheese, little holes, or silences connote safer contracts. There is more room for discussion and evolution. Something similar to a Bill of Rights with less rather than too much written detail.

There is a significant law on the brink of being passed and again this relates closely to the human rights of an invididual. This time, the Bill is intended to create a role of ‘Personal Guardian’. The Court will act on behalf of the ‘Mentally Impaired’ and appoint ‘Court Appointees’. The intention and expression is without fault but the realities for individual human beings so categorised, is a completely different matter. It means that someone has to be an adequately experienced, educated, aware, and also a visionary to act on behalf of the vulnerable person.

A “personal Guardian” could be appointed by the High Court to make decisions concerning the person or the property affairs of a person deemed to lack the necessary mental capacity to make certain decisions, in their way of negotiating their life. The Bill states that a new Body will be established known as the office of the Public Guardian.

Now lets have a think about the Ireland of today. The inadequate health services, the treatment of the elderly, the bullying culture, the predators in search of vulnerable prey, the infallible family members who feel they are entitled to make the decision about a member of their family say with TBI.

We are talking about fraught situations and room for much misadventure. We need only look to our history to know the vulnerable are so often taken advantage of. The Ryan Commission speaks volumes and as for the final decision of the Mahon Tribunal, well where and when do the Scales of Justice stand accountable.

Personally, I would like to draw attention to the medical profession. Medicine is governed in this country by self regulation. What chance does this give the vulnerable person with say ABI, Downs Syndrome, lack of mental capacity or straight forward mentally ill. The law is improving but still the powers that be can have a person’s rights usurped. We need to review this carefully before the legislation is enacted.

The legislation is aimed at protecting people (protection connotes all kinds of meanings) who suffer from impaired decision making capacity due to illness, dementia or an acquired brain injury.

The important part of this legislation is the enforcement of the following words ‘Capacity will be understood in terms of a person’s ability to make a specific decision at a specific time, AND WILL ALLOW FOR THE POSSIBILITY that the loss of capacity may be temporary or permanent……..How can we uphold the human rights of the person with ABI who may develop abilities in a certain field of creativity as a direct consequence of the ABI…like a person with Aspergers – they may as a consequence of ABI have a loss of reaction to the normal cues people pick up on. They may become Bipolar as a result of the head injury. There maybe an impact of extreme anxiety and frustration and the outcomes of this.

We must realise that people with ABI may be alive now because of the advance of neurological medicine and per consequence may be able to negotiate their lives on the basis of their pre-accident memory but with the assistance of a carer and be entitled to live independently in the community.

This requires a Fiduciary component, yes the word relates to Trust – of which little exists for vulnerable people today. There is a loss in Morality, Transparency and Ethics that could in fact make people so defined by the above Legislation more vulnerable as Tug of Wars take place between families and partnerships they may form post ABI.

How do we protect the person’s rights? If the person has had an accident and a large amount of money is awarded by the courts, how can we ensure that the human being part of the person is not stressed to such a degree by the antics of family, friends, Guardians etc, so as to further destroy the mental capacity?

Patricia Rickard Clarke at the Law Reform Commission, is involved in the recent published report including a report draft on Mental Capacity has said it is important to look to the human rights law in the Bill…..This is vital before the legislation becomes law, I would suggest.

Deirdre Carroll of Inclusion Ireland also welcomes the Bill but expressed a concern about the implicit PATERNALISM. Rightly so, she emphasises that everything should be done to establish the NEED for assisted decision making and COMMUNICATING a decision.

She also drew reference to the advanced work in the field of Cognitive work in Canada but said that the input of family and other social supports must be taken into account….

We hear daily of head injuries sustained, knife attacks, RTA’s, kicks to the head in alcohol brawls but we never hear of these people negotiate their lives once Medicine has stepped in give them life…..medicine’s role stops there……the battle goes fwd for the person.

A young man with ABI went missing from a care home in Bantry – no money. It was on the news but nobody ever came back to say he was found….Does any know or care?

Comyn wants to add one more point. Wards of Court is what exists in law now. Surely, it is time for media to review just how successful an instrument it has been and what lessons can be learnt before the enactment of Personal Guardian and Mental Capacity Bill.

Fortunam Tabulam Audaces
Fortune favours the Brave

Ironically I have signed off with what is the title of the book I wrote.  2017 BreastCheck screening showed up breast cancer.  I wrote the book and title is Fortune Favours the Brave by Michelle Marcella Clarke

About michelleclarke2015

Life event that changes all: Horse riding accident in Zimbabwe in 1993, a fractured skull et al including bipolar anxiety, chronic fatigue …. co-morbidities (Nietzche 'He who has the reason why can deal with any how' details my health history from 1993 to date). 17th 2017 August operation for breast cancer (no indications just an appointment came from BreastCheck through the Post). Trinity College Dublin Business Economics and Social Studies (but no degree) 1997-2003; UCD 1997/1998 night classes) essays, projects, writings. Trinity Horizon Programme 1997/98 (Centre for Women Studies Trinity College Dublin/St. Patrick's Foundation (Professor McKeon) EU Horizon funded: research study of 15 women (I was one of this group and it became the cornerstone of my journey to now 2017) over 9 mth period diagnosed with depression and their reintegration into society, with special emphasis on work, arts, further education; Notes from time at Trinity Horizon Project 1997/98; Articles written for 2003/2004; St Patricks Foundation monthly lecture notes for a specific period in time; Selection of Poetry including poems written by people I know; Quotations 1998-2017; other writings mainly with theme of social justice under the heading Citizen Journalism Ireland. Letters written to friends about life in Zimbabwe; Family history including Michael Comyn KC, my grandfather, my grandmother's family, the O'Donnellan ffrench Blake-Forsters; Moral wrong: An acrimonious divorce but the real injustice was the Catholic Church granting an annulment – you can read it and make your own judgment, I have mine. Topics I have written about include annual Brain Awareness week, Mashonaland Irish Associataion in Zimbabwe, Suicide (a life sentence to those left behind); Nostalgia: Tara Hill, Co. Meath.
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