Citizen Journalism Ireland: Retrospect from August 2019 to July 19th 2013. Priory Hall: A man commits suicide.

Correction:  Mellon built Priory Hall?  Where did you source this fact. I think the developer is well known and not Mellon. Regards Brian

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Priory Hall: A man commits suicide,

let’s get real now we are dealing with human being abandonment

by Comyn – Urban abandonments and dereliction  Fri Jul 19, 2013 16:36

Ghost estates destroy in particular our rural countryside emphasising how easy it is for properties to become derelict and become hazardous to people both physically, socially and most importantly impacting on their mental health. Where are all the promises to act “now” demolish the buildings and infrastructure and revert to agricultural land or play amenities. These developments provide opportunities to retrain some of the unemployed on these failed building sites and let people move forward.

Priory Hall is an absolute disgrace. Fault can be determined by the courts over time but the fact that the apartment complex requires certain standards of compliance to legislation is not sufficient excuse to leave people who are owners and many more on rent allowance in jeopardy and hardship year after year. Mellon the contractor (not of Priory Hall) is reported in the past to have gathered a contingent of people to go to Africa to build houses in the township for the locals. It is said that each volunteer raised up to 4,000 euros and gave of their time. Reports are happy homes for people without hope who saw a destiny of wrought iron townships being replaced with suitable homes.

Why not a similar initiative for Priory Hall and add to this the apartment block that went on fire last week which probably has displaced residents. If only an organiser could be appointed and again this could be used as a training project for people who are presently unemployed. Maybe our Mr Tax Exiles could be enterprising and create a fund for these poor vulnerable owners and renters of what once were their dream properties. Action is required urgently and especially as the plight of a young man, a father, who has chosen to die by suicide is reported in yesterday’s newspaper. The blame does not rest with Priory Hall and the shananigans of the builders, the architects, the Dublin City Council but we can rest assured the fiasco had some impact. This man leaves a partner (without access to their home, be it a mortgage, or by rent allowance) and two small children age 8 and 2. The hidden stress culminates in a massive human cost when suicide becomes the only way out for a person.

The human cost is destroying the dream of home ownership and many people are suffering while others who are older and who have their homes bought pre-Celtic Tiger or who have their mortgages paid off. Today in the Irish Indepedent there is a letter by a person who can be contacted via the Editor. This is pressure. It begs the question is she one of the new coterie of people with mortgages in arrears who face eviction? When you read the letter it is hard to envisage what it must be like to live on the margins just because the banks went into overdrive and marketed and sold properties recklessly. In the UK banking misconduct is being introduced into legislation.

The person writes asking for ‘Clarity’
The question: ‘How much can a banking institution charge a person paying a mortgage?’

2007 Peak period. The person pays £342,000 (note stamp duty would paid on this amount) and that house is presently worth £140,000. Serious negative equity applies but the State has its stamp duty and the LPT also. The mortgage as a proportion of income was 56% 2.5 yrs ago – making it difficult enough to sustain but now it is 81% of income.

The person asks and so many more must now ask WHY?
Charges added on by Budgets aimed at fixing the massive budget deficit of £1 billion per month because of the wild west banking and reckless misconduct of bankers, developers, solicitors (does anyone ever ask about Michael Lynn and all the people he represented – news is he is in Brazil so no extradition warrant can apply) and all those politicians who compromised themselves in changing agricultural land to housing designation making those farmers on the outskirts of Dublin and other cities very wealthy people. What our country received was a hideous urban sprawl with tragedies behind too many doorways.

The writer of the letter states that the charges referred to are: USC, pension-related deductions and consecutive rises in the mortgage rates to date. This person is down 600 euros per month based on the pay cuts and mortgage increases. Those hidden charges now need to be outed. We know the banks are crucifying those with deposits with charges and inadequate interest on deposits but we don’t hear about the charges that apply to the ‘delinquent borrowers’. We need to know because when you are in financial difficulties an apathy often descends and you are there to be preyed upon by the lenders.

The person then asks if ‘a banking institution cannot simply keep increasing a mortgage interest rate to the point where previously a fully paid mortgage becomes unsustainable’.

Sadly they can. Interest rates are on the rise in the US and we rely on the ECB to hold rates at their current level. However, if you are in arrears, you need to be aware of all the hidden charges that apply. For example, now if you fail to pay your mortgage in a given month, and you have no overdraft and you go into the red, does this mean you pay charges now in place (£25 in certain banks). Add to this all the other what ifs!

Repossessions are on the way. Watch out for names of Private Equity groups called Blackstone and the changing face of property ownership to rental. Google them and you will find out that the banks need to watch out as Blackstone now the largest holder of properties in the US will determine markets going forward. They have arrived in Ireland and they are buying at massive discounts. Treat this as a need to know and ask if our Banks are really doing their homework to protect home ownership in Ireland.


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