EMAILS TO GOVERNMENT MINISTERS et al: CHARITIES; No regulation – No changes. Console (suicide) the latest of too many scandals. Corruption at every level.

Gay Pride yesterday and equality.  But what about people with mental health; people who are homeless, who are addicted to drugs, those who are on methadone rather than proper rehabilitation programmes like Portage in Canada or in line with what is happening in Portugal with Richard Branson, The Elders, who are promoting.…/six-former-presidents-richard-branson-and-other…Alcohol regarding health is in issue that needs to be tackled urgently.
I have been writing now since 2002.  Last year (what you will see in quotations below) are the comments concerning charities.  (Emails were sent to an extensive list of people; if you want the list of recipients just ask).  If you consider this and then review the shocking details of the investigative Prime Time programme last week concerning Console, our head in the sand attitudes need to be challenged.
Console Suicide Prime Time programme; shame on all of us who fail to scrutinise who we donate to: This was sent June 2015, it is just a reminder Kevin Briggs: The bridge between suicide and life | TED Talk | Nearly 2 mn have listened to this.

Ireland we have 500 suicides but we have as many charities/NGO’s. On twitter #canisgallicus today people have many views. Alcohol Act is needed but we need to consider alcohol and its part in suicide too. Power of listening and not blaming is so very important. Michelle

Friday 24th June, 2016 20:46:44 +0100

NB: This was written in June 2015

Pandora’s box all the bad but there is Hope! Migrants who are fleeing North Africa to Italy to Greece to Calais – what they have is hope. Suicide is preventable. If you want to see hope. Look out for High Hopes choir. Talent is everywhere, it needs someone to go looking sometimes. Article in Irish Independent today concerning new Alcohol Act and the comments by Professor Frank Murray is worth reading.

Just one year later.  Prime Time last night 23rd June 2016.

Console – Suicide – complicity HSE with the pathetic reasoning of fear they would have no helplines for people in need.  Nobody mentioned whether the counsellors were qualified, paid, or even if they were the three people who if what is alleged is true will find themselves before the courts.

We have had Rehab.  We know the land in Sandymount is to be sold.  We know the case is in the court presently because Ms Kerins formerly Chief Executive of Rehab considers the PAC committee to have exceeded their remit relating to questions asked.  We know the salary, the benefits, the defined benefit pension.  Recently I heard of a man who lost his job there; he worked thirty years for Rehab, he is entitled to no pension, no money left in the kitty.  Nobody considers it strange regarding the Irish Medical Council and Mr McNeice and his pension.  The amount was reduced from a mere £24 million to £9.5.  Nobody asks why this trade union signed off on it and why members of the medical profession were so compliant!

We never hear about the Hade Family and Victory Church.  They provided Church, housing, drug rehabilitation.  This was due to go to court also, maybe it has.

Can we please have some commitment to Governance in the charity sector?  8,600+ charities with over 100,000 people employed is commendable but not where fraud becomes embedded or worse greed and entitlement for the elites.

We have industries being created relating to homelessness, illness, mental health, suicide, cancer etc.  Charity should be only as a bridge to achieving a proper public health system and there must be good governance, accountability and transparency backed up by properly audited accounts.

One year on.  The scandal now being unfurled by RTE programme concerning Console, the family, the multiple sets of accounts, the basic fraud only fractures further the confidence of people who feel vulnerable.  It is saying to the person with mental health history or who is suicidal, we don’t care, we need you as fodder.  Is it any wonder our health service provision for psychiatric is in such chaos because people end up on the revolving door.

Alcohol fuels the industries referred to above.  It needs to be acknowledged especially relating to mental health, alcoholism, suicide, car accidents, health, obesity etc etc.  Proper public health is needed in Ireland linked to the Universities involved in research.

Michelle Clarke

Citizen Journalism: postings by Michelle Clarke and KT stating clearly the need for proper corporate governance in the Charity Non Governmental organisation sectors



Morality and Irish Charities?

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 11:34:57 +0100
From: KT
To: <>,,,,, Contact <>,, Declan Martin <>, Fiona McKeon <>, <>, Hugh Kane <>,,,,, John Devitt <>, Joy Bradley <>, Kerry Network for People with Disabilities <>, Kieran Loughran <>

In the last 24 hours we are witnessing the slow melt down in the Irish economy:  The McInerney group have just sought high court protection for debts in excess of 200 million euros; we also are witnessing the collapse of Aer Arann with debts in the region of 17 m euros plus.

In today’s newspapers, the two high fliers of Bertie’s Tiger (or the illusion of) Johnnie Rohan and Richard Barrett now admit they can’t meet their repayments in relation to their debts of 2 billion euros.  It is reported repayments are 3.8 m euros per month.  We have seen in the last year the collapse of McNamara, Paddy Happy Kelly and the rest.  The High Court has now a queue probably to put it in physical terms of 1.5 kilometres of people and the smallest debt among them is probably in the region of 1.5 m euros going up to the once God’s of Irish society who owe in excess of 2.2 billion euros.  Yet the ESB will cut off an ordinary Irish citizen for a debt of 500 euros.  Yet Eircom will cut off a woman with disabilities for doing no wrong but standing up for what she is entitled to on 9 medications a day and her phone is now off for almost 10 months.

In the meantime, my question today is:  Charities.  Yes.  The word Charity means – to give, to help, to care, to understand, to listen.  Let us see what Charity actually means in morally bankrupt Ireland.  I will start with Mr. Ringrose:  I believe he stood down sometime ago.  A former Garda Supt. with a fine pension and yet in his tenure he could take down the salary of over 150,000 euros.  Angela Kerins in Rehab will not disclose her salary to the Irish taxpayer – to me this is contempt.  Her salary is alleged to exceed 200,000 euros excluding expenses.  Then we have people who work in various organisations to help people with disabilities.  Again their salaries – who really knows! 

Take Suicide Prevention, Mental Health e.g. (Aware, Grow), Enable Ireland, Carmichael House and the representative groups under this umbrella.  Yes, we do not doubt the incredible work that is carried out by people involved in these organisations and non governmental agencies but are we the people of Ireland in recession assured that transparency, ethics, accountability i.e. that ‘corporate governance’ effect we are seeking from other companies, is present in these organisations including charities and Non Governmental organisations.  I have noted the prominent position of ‘Donations’ each time one enters the web site (but then maybe I am the cynicial person).

Last night on Prime Time, the Irish Red Cross was discussed: the low moral among staff was highlighted.  It talked about financial mismanagement.  It talked about personality clashes, it talked about an urgent change in Governance structures but sadly then FF entered the arena and Minister Tony Killeen said ‘we will have shortly the Downer group recommendations’.  This again is more more and cock and bull……we need accountability, we need transparency and we need to know the hidden faces of the fat cats that make small fortunes on the backs of vulnerable people and children across the Island of Ireland and they use the word Charity as a moral balaclava.

I am sick as an Irish taxpayer to the core watching Prime Time last night.  I am sick that all of the Downs Syndrome children in Ireland this year experience extreme cut backs this year.  I am sick to read of the drop-in centres for people trying to get off illegal drugs being closed down throughout Ireland.

Yet, the Fat Cats hide behind their right of not telling the Irish taxpayer the hundreds of thousands they earn annually.

I ask one question today – Could somebody out there have the moral courage to give me the true meaning of the word Charity.

Thank you:


Speaking Out
‘We who have a Voice must be a voice for the Voiceless!
Oscar Romero (1917-80) El Salvadorean Archbishop of Salvador who was assassinated for speaking out
against government sanctioned death squad activities.


Thu Apr 21, 2011 16:37

Charities, NGOs and Aid

Shame and the Shameless –

Part III Angela Kerins in this weeks Phoenix magazine

by Michelle Clarke

Liam Flannery is right to highlight this outrageous alleged payment of public finances to a woman working for people with disabilities.

The country is awash with charities and no transparency, ethics, accountability or moral compass for that matter. The web has distinct advantages but not when it acts as a motivator to pay donations and exploit people and their needs at the same time. Think of a vulnerability category e.g. suicide and there are now a host of websites and you will note on each of them the prominence of the word ‘donation’ and details. What about humanity and contact with no cost? Where is value in this society i.e. the value that is not related to financial costing?

Is there a gravy train in motion on this Island of Ireland. Perhaps we have learned same from our EU masters?

Our world today is facing massive social and political upheaval. Aid is destined to places like Libya, to Nigeria, to the Ivory Coast not forgetting Haiti and even Japan. There is an international community relating to this aid: in our case, the EU external aid budget that amounts to euros 12 billion p.a.

You might find it interesting to note that a UK think tank have found that the EU’s aid budget suffers from ‘poor accountability, un-necessary bureaucracy, and most critically, less than half the money spent actually goes to the world’s poorest people’.

What this is saying to people is that we need to question more; not to be afraid to ask for value for money exercises and seek transparency and accountability at each tier of the charity chain. Ireland can benefit from this UK research and also can question the efficiency of the EU and its auspices to ensure we are receiving a fair deal for what we contribute to this fund for external aid.

We are in a tight space now economically, socially, politically and we need to get VALUE FOR MONEY FOR OUR AID SPENDING both in the context of EU external aid and most particularly on the home front. Corruption is invideous and we must stamp it out for a more equal society.

Sweet Charity!!

by Michelle Clarke


Too many have dispensed with generosity in order to practice charity.

Albert Camus


About michelleclarke2015

Life event that changes all: Horse riding accident in Zimbabwe in 1993, a fractured skull et al including bipolar anxiety, chronic fatigue …. co-morbidities (Nietzche 'He who has the reason why can deal with any how' details my health history from 1993 to date). 17th 2017 August operation for breast cancer (no indications just an appointment came from BreastCheck through the Post). Trinity College Dublin Business Economics and Social Studies (but no degree) 1997-2003; UCD 1997/1998 night classes) essays, projects, writings. Trinity Horizon Programme 1997/98 (Centre for Women Studies Trinity College Dublin/St. Patrick's Foundation (Professor McKeon) EU Horizon funded: research study of 15 women (I was one of this group and it became the cornerstone of my journey to now 2017) over 9 mth period diagnosed with depression and their reintegration into society, with special emphasis on work, arts, further education; Notes from time at Trinity Horizon Project 1997/98; Articles written for 2003/2004; St Patricks Foundation monthly lecture notes for a specific period in time; Selection of Poetry including poems written by people I know; Quotations 1998-2017; other writings mainly with theme of social justice under the heading Citizen Journalism Ireland. Letters written to friends about life in Zimbabwe; Family history including Michael Comyn KC, my grandfather, my grandmother's family, the O'Donnellan ffrench Blake-Forsters; Moral wrong: An acrimonious divorce but the real injustice was the Catholic Church granting an annulment – you can read it and make your own judgment, I have mine. Topics I have written about include annual Brain Awareness week, Mashonaland Irish Associataion in Zimbabwe, Suicide (a life sentence to those left behind); Nostalgia: Tara Hill, Co. Meath.
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