Once in never out – interview with Paddy MacCann…

Investigative journalism globally is now summed up as “Fake News”; once 80 sources, reduced now to under 10 and if Murdoch is successful with Sky – well who knows. This man’s ilk is missing. “As a journalist I am in command of a small sector in the very front trenches of this battle for freedom.” Henry Luce
Prisoners in Portlaoise at the time of Mr Stack and others – were their any known breaches or their human rights ie torture or otherwise?

BREXIT bodes badly for Ireland unless we regroup and seek a United Ireland but by peaceful means.

The man interviewed signed up to the Good Friday Agreement.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

I’m very grateful to Jason O’Toole for forwarding this interview he conducted with Paddy McCann on foot of a discussion sparked by this post here.

Once in never out

It is an old Republican principle. But it could also be applied to the attitude the authorities have taken to Ireland’s longest serving political prisoners, Paddy McCann and Colm O’Shea. Jailed for the killing of two Gardai during a bank raid in Roscommon in 1980, as the peace process reached its final stages they were asked to sign up to the Good Friday Agreement. They subsequently put their names on the dotted line. That was ten years ago. So why have they not been released in the meantime, like dozens of other former Paramilitary activists? In an extraordinary, confessional interview, PADDY MCCANN makes his case against the State.

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