Iceland’s government falls; Pirate Party surges

Iceland: never realised it was the oldest democracy. Cronyism, conflicts of interest, corruption must be stood down. Good luck to the Pirate Party. Time to stop Gravy Train mentality in EU. Brexit has caused the Republic of Ireland a nightmare going forward. We too need to shed Cronyism Conflicts of Interest and Corruption.

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The fight for control of the world’s oldest democracy enters a new phase today,. With the fall of the old government setting the stage for negotiations to form a new one.

But a surge by the Pirate Party [previously] and three other allies on the Left didn’t capture enough seats in parliament to ensure they would have the votes to form a new government, setting the stage for what are sure to be complex and heated negotiations.

The New York Times covers the fall of the old the old government:

Iceland’s prime minister announced on Sunday that he would resign, as the insurgent, anti-establishment Pirate Party capitalized on a wave of anger over corruption to come in second place in the country’s general election.

The prime minister, Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, announced his departure on national television, after his center-right Progressive Party saw its share of seats in the…

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