Cuba: best location to train doctors?

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Cuba: best location to train doctors?

Big problems need big solutions, sparked by big ideas, imagination and audacity.

journalist Gail Reed profiles one big solution worth noting: Havana’s Latin American Medical School, which trains global physicians to serve the local communities that need them most.

Gail Reed. Cuban health care expert. Full bio

Filmed Sept. 2014

I want to tell youhow 20,000 remarkable young peoplefrom over 100 countriesended up in Cubaand are transforming health in their communities. 90% of them would neverhave left home at allif it weren’t for a scholarship to study medicine in Cubaand a commitment to go backto places like the ones they’d come from —remote farmlands, mountains, ghettos —to become doctors for people like themselves,to walk the walk.

0:46 Havana’s Latin American Medical School:It’s the largest medical school in the world,graduating 23,000…

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