Virtual Reality machines coming to the rescue of empathy? How about listening attention span?

Sir William Orpen Artist who painted plight of soldiers in World War 1. He was there. Recently looked at these on Google Youtube. We know but we move too quickly to denial or shut off mode so I doubt the capacity of these ‘Virtual Reality 3D’ machines to enhance Empathy. Are the people who engage in these acts of violence psychopaths/sociopaths? If so, we need to capture them. Then the process should be used on them as well as those in the UN who make important decisions because if your theory about these virtual reality machines is correct, there is no longer a need for war and murder. Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes. Compassion is what we need to achieve.

Adonis Diaries

Virtual Reality machines coming to the rescue of empathy?

How about listening attention span?

Chris Milk in March 2015 delivered this speech

Virtual reality started for me in sort of an unusual place.It was the 1970s.I got into the field very young: I was 7 years old.

And the tool that I used to access virtual realitywas the Evel Knievel stunt cycle.This is a commercial for that particular item:(Video) Voice-over: What a jump!Evel’s riding the amazing stunt cycle.That gyro-power sends him over 100 feet at top speed.

 Chris Milk: So this was my joy back then.I rode this motorcycle everywhere.And I was there with Evel Knievel; we jumped the Snake River Canyon together.I wanted the rocket.I never got the rocket, I only got the motorcycle.

I felt so connected to this world.I didn’t want to be a storyteller…

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